Residential Schools Litigation

For many people, attendance at residential schools was a traumatic experience. In 1857 the government passed the Gradual Civilization Act to assimilate Indians. Between 1870-1910 there was a clear objective of both missionaries and government to assimilate Aboriginal children into mainstream society. By 1920 it was compulsory for Aboriginal children between the ages of 7-15 to attend government run residential schools and children were forcibly taken from their families. Being isolated from their families and culture and faced with various forms of abuse has created profound and lasting emotional, physical, and economic strain for residential school survivors. Rath & Company recognizes that no amount of money can ever compensate for the sufferings of residential school survivors.

Since 1999, our firm has been involved in obtaining compensation for our clients for the abuses suffered at residential schools. As members of the National Consortium of Residential School Survivors’ Counsel we continue to assist our clients in making applications for the Common Experience Payment (CEP), and in taking certain claims through the administrative Independent Assessment Process (IAP).